Why not eat hot food? More than 10 best reasons

Why not eat hot food? More than 10 reasons

Hello, dear friends of the online cooking training center.  In this article we answer this question “Why not eat hot food?”. Maybe this question has always been important to you, dear ones. You probably don’t have a logical and clear answer. Here we examine hot food from different aspects. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

Why not eat hot food?
Why not eat hot food?

Some people like to consume their food and drink hot. Especially if you are in winter and the weather is cold, eating a bowl of hot soup is very sticky. But at what cost? Eating hot food is not good at all if it burns your mouth.

Hot food is very harmful to humans and causes very serious problems in the human digestive system. If you don’t want to get diseases like cancer, make a definite decision right now and stop eating hot foods.

Paying attention to the temperature of food in Iranian medicine has also been taken into consideration and a lot of emphases has been placed on it. In this article, we talk about the harm of hot food to the body and provide you with information about this. Stay with us.

Hot food and esophageal cancer

When you eat, morsels of food enter your mouth and collide with the components of your mouth and tongue. In the continuation of this path, the food reaches the pharynx and esophagus and meets them as well.

When you eat hot food, this contact burns body parts and causes inflammation and surface damage in the esophagus. If this problem is permanent and happens for a long time, it causes more problems and eventually causes diseases such as cancer

The esophagus is one of the most sensitive organs in the body. Food passes through this organ to reach the stomach. If foods and drinks are hot, they damage the cells of the esophagus wall and cause disease. Esophageal cancer is one of the most dangerous cancers. The treatment of this cancer is very difficult and the death rate is high.

Hot food and loss of taste

Hot food and loss of taste
Hot food and loss of taste

One of the problems that eating hot food causes for humans is losing the sense of taste. The sense of taste makes us understand the taste of food and enjoy eating it. We do this with our tongue and we also get help from other senses such as sight and smell.

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There are receptors around the mouth and throat. These receptors increase the sense of taste. These senses cause saliva to be secreted more than before and increase the ability to detect taste in the villi of the tongue.

Eating hot food burns these villi and damages their function. As a result, the human taste is lost and the person no longer has the ability to understand the taste of food.

Hot food and mouth burns

Mouth and throat tissue is very thin and sensitive to hot food. Therefore, eating hot drinks and foods damages it and burns the mouth. This burn causes swelling of the throat tissue and if it is severe, it closes the throat and causes shortness of breath. In mouth burns, you can eat a spoonful of yogurt or ice cream to relieve the pain or use ice to reduce the pain.

Eating hot food in Iranian traditional medicine

Iranian traditional medicine has also emphasized not eating hot foods and has pointed out some points in this regard. When you eat hot food:

You do not enjoy eating

Eating food is not just for satiety or providing energy to the body, it is one of the joys of life. You should eat the food calmly and chew well to enjoy its taste. The body’s sense of taste is on the tongue. You taste the food until you can hold it in your mouth.

Too hot food makes you unable to keep it in your mouth. As a result, you swallow food without chewing and do not notice its taste. How to prepare the Best Turkish pide for 8 people

He does not chew food well

Chewing food is one of the most important points you should consider. Chewing food helps in digestion and absorption. The food you digest becomes blood and reaches other organs of the body.

In fact, the function of the body’s organs, from the brain and heart to the kidney, liver, hands, etc., depends on this blood. When you cannot digest food well, you actually interfere with the functioning of other organs and organs of your body.

Stomach temperature increases

The condition of the stomach is very important in the quality of food digestion. These conditions depend on the temperature and humidity of the stomach. A cold or dry stomach cannot digest properly. A very hot stomach with high humidity also causes digestive disorders.

Therefore, you should consider the two factors of humidity and heat of the stomach and keep it in moderation so that you do not face the problem of food digestion. This moderation is not observed when you eat hot food. How to prepare Best Japanese shrimp tempura for 4 people

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The temperature of the stomach rises above the appropriate level and does not digest food properly. In fact, the digestive system does not do its job well and the absorption of food is difficult.

Tips to avoid eating hot food

Tips to avoid eating hot food
Tips to avoid eating hot food

If you have been eating your food hot until now, decide to quit this bad habit today. Do not rush to eat. Wait a little and let your food cool down a bit. After that, you can eat your food and enjoy eating it. If you find it hard to quit this habit, read the following solutions and get help from them.

  • Until now, you didn’t know what harm hot food can do to you, but after reading this article, you became aware of the problems that may cause you. This awareness will help you think more about your health and give up this habit more easily. Before eating, remember the above information so that your food gets a little cold.
  • A few minutes before eating, turn off the oven and let the food cool down a bit. Then set the table and eat.
  • Put the food in another container and do not bring it to the table with a pot. This will allow the steam to escape a little while smoking the food and give it a more suitable temperature.
  • Having an appetizer creates a little distance and makes the food colder. Start your meal with some salad or simple soup and move on to the main course a little later. Of course, keep in mind that the appetizer should be small in size.
  • Do not put too much food on your plate. The smaller the volume of food, the faster it loses its temperature and becomes hot.

In a final word, why not eat hot food?

We have put a suitable and sufficient article for the discussion of hot food for your dear ones. We hope that by reading this article, you have obtained complete and sufficient information in this regard. 1TouchFood online cooking training center has prepared the best for you dear ones.

One of the most important points in cooking is the use of fresh and organic ingredients. The first point is to use fresh ingredients.

The more you follow these tips, the better and tastier you will have. Rest assured, you definitely can and you will need some experience.

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