the benefits of watermelon (More than 10 secrets of watermelon)

the benefits of watermelon (More than 10 secrets of watermelon)

In this article, we have given you the benefits of watermelon in full. For sure, after studying the benefits of watermelon, you will get incredible information.

Watermelon was cultivated for the first time 5000 years ago and gradually spread to the Mediterranean region and other places. This substance is generally consumed in the summer due to its taste, nutrients, rich vitamins and very low calories.

Is watermelon a type of fruit?

Due to the fact that watermelon is not used in cooking, watermelon is in the category of fruits.

What are the benefits of watermelon?

In terms of calories, watermelon is one of the fruits that are included in the list of fruits for people who want to have a proper diet. The benefits of watermelon are many.

What are the benefits of watermelon?
What are the benefits of watermelon?

Watermelon is considered a natural antioxidant and rich in vitamin A. 100 grams of watermelon provides 19% of the body’s daily need for vitamin A.

Antioxidants such as lycopene, beta-carotene and lutein present in watermelon slices protect the body from diseases such as colon cancer, lung diseases, and breast and prostate cancer.

Potassium in watermelon helps to control blood pressure and prevent coronary heart diseases.

Vitamin B in watermelon strengthens the body’s immunity. The unsaturated fats in it provide the energy needed by the body. But those who have disorders in this regard must consult their doctor before consuming watermelon seeds.

Harms of excessive consumption of watermelon

  • We must be careful that the benefits of watermelon are not the only criterion, and we must be aware of the harm of consuming too much of it
  • Excessive consumption of any substance has side effects, and watermelon is no exception to this rule.
  • Excessive consumption of watermelon causes diarrhea and bloating.
  • Watermelon should be consumed before food, and consuming watermelon after food causes bloating and heartache.
  • The amount of sugar in 150 grams of watermelon is calculated to be 10 grams.
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What are the vitamins and minerals in watermelon?

The benefits of watermelon include many vitamins.
The benefits of watermelon include many vitamins.

A slice of watermelon, which is approximately 152 grams, contains 16% vitamin C, 7% vitamin B5, 7% copper, 5% vitamin A, 5% potassium, 5% biotin, 4% magnesium, 4% vitamin B6, 4% vitamin B1 is.

Antioxidant lycopene and amino acid citrulline, which are vitamins and minerals found in watermelon, make this summer fruit nutritious. The benefits of watermelon are many. How to prepare special Italian shrimp pizza for 2 people

As mentioned above, lycopene is considered a substance to fight against prostate cancer and heart diseases, and the amount in watermelon is 40% more than that of tomatoes.

According to the nutritional value table, watermelon is included in diet menus and considering the fact that the nutritional value of a slice of watermelon is only 46 calories, people who want to lose weight are included in a slimming diet. The benefits of watermelon are many

Important tips for watermelon consumption in a slimming diet

  • Watermelon contains fructose or fruit sugar. Therefore, the question arises, does watermelon cause weight loss?
  • It should definitely not be forgotten that instead of losing weight just by eating watermelon, you will also gain weight.
  • Consuming watermelon and cheese at the same time is a question that has always been asked, does it cause you to gain weight?
  • It should be noted that cheese consumed with watermelon helps to increase the speed of blood sugar. But experts and doctors do not recommend taking these two together at all.
  • It is absolutely necessary to use rich protein sources such as meat, fish, and chicken in diet menus.
  • It should be noted that eating watermelon with bread causes weight gain along with high-calorie absorption and carbohydrate intake.

Diet with watermelon

benefits of watermelon
benefits of watermelon

The benefits of watermelon are many. You can have watermelon in your diet because of its health benefits. In the following, we have put a suitable diet with watermelon for you. Best Japanese classic sushi rolls with soy sauce 4 people


  • A glass of milk with fasting cereal
  • Snack
  • A peach, fig or 4 apricots


  • 200 grams of watermelon, a piece of white cheese and wheat bread
  • Snack
  • 10-15 hazelnuts or almonds with milk or fruit yogurt


  • 100 grams of grilled chicken or meat with zucchini or a type of vegetable with 4 tablespoons of olive oil, salad and a slice of wheat bread
  • last snack
  • A piece of watermelon and white cheese
  • Avoid eating any food 2 hours before going to bed

How to choose and buy watermelon

How to choose and buy watermelon
How to choose and buy watermelon
  • Since the benefits of watermelons are many, you should be very careful in choosing watermelons.
  • When choosing a watermelon, first, make sure that the watermelon is healthy and does not have any cuts or holes.
  • The weight of the watermelon has a great effect on the taste of the watermelon according to its size.
  • If a watermelon is small, it will be heavy, and it will definitely be full.
  • If the watermelon is too big, it is likely to be hollow.
  • The spots on the watermelon skin should not be white or light green
  • The yellow spots on the watermelon are a sign that the watermelon has ripened under the sun and indicates that the watermelon is ripe and red.
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Tips for cutting watermelon

  • Using a special watermelon knife that can easily cut the watermelon.
  • The best way is to divide the watermelon into two slices in the middle and remove the skin of the watermelon so that you can easily cut it into the slices you want.

Where is the origin of watermelon and in what areas does it grow?

The origin of watermelon goes back to Egypt and this delicious fruit spread to the world from North Africa, and now it grows in many places.

After planting watermelon seeds, the seedlings need an average temperature of 20–25 degrees to grow for three months to become fruit. If the watermelon fields are in tropical areas, this time would be much shorter, and it will be reached in less time.

Abundant water and rich soil also have a positive effect on the quality of products. Water and soil have the greatest effect on the benefits of watermelon.

Necessary tips for growing and cultivating watermelon

For the cultivation and growth of any crop, first of all, seed planting time is important, here it is necessary to know when is the best time to plant watermelon.

The best time to plant watermelons is late April or early May, and after the seedlings emerge, regular fertilization and watering are required.

Maintenance operations such as plowing and cleaning weeds are also among the things that must be done to obtain a quality product.

One of the most important points in cooking is the use of fresh and organic ingredients. The first point is to use fresh ingredients.

The more you follow these tips, the better and tastier you will have. Rest assured, you definitely can and you will need some experience.

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